The history of smoked salmon dates back many centuries. Curing salmon with salt and sugar, and then smoking it with selected hardwoods creates a very tasty and healthy food. This process preserves the fish for a short period of time, and allowed our ancestors to maintain their food supplies. Additionally, our ancestors salted the product then buried it in the ground for the curing process, hence the name Gravadlachs.

The process of cold-smoking, where the fish is not cooked, but develops that smokey flavor in a fresh fish. Cold-smoked salmon is the most traditional way of smoking salmon. It is a traditional meal for Scandinavians, Brits, and other ethnic groups around the world. With the popularity of Sushi, today’s discriminate consumer finds cold-smoked salmon an important part of their dining experience.

Additionally, there is a process of hot-smoking salmon, where the fish is cooked while it is smoked, and it provides other unique uses for salmon in the consumer’s daily diet. Hot-smoked salmon keeps longer, and is more recognized by the novice consumer of smoked salmon.

Cold-smoked salmon is very popular, where many people recognize Lox and Bagels as a traditional Jewish food. Cold-smoked salmon has evolved over time as well. Traditional lox is simply a cured product, but many smokers today call their lightly smoked salmon lox or Nova Lachs.

Today, we continue to smoke salmon in the traditional cold-smoking ways. If you want a hearty cold-smoked salmon, you have to try MacKnight; that’s why it’s called the Connoisseur’s Choice.

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