A Double Win In Brussels!!
We are extremely pleased and proud to have been awarded the Best Foodservice Product and Originality awards at the 2010 Seafood Prix d'Elite New Products Competition.
It was a double win in Brussels for MacKnight for our Smoked Salmon Bacon. We also won this year in Boston for the Bacon. This is the worlds first ever double win at both shows and confirms our commitment to lead the industry forward..
Prix d'Elite Best Foodservice 2010Prix d'Elite Originality Award 2010

MacKnight's Cold Smoked Seabass won the GOLD medal in the International Boston Seafood Show's annual New Products Competition 2002.

This product was judged on flavor, texture, uniqueness, packaging and how well it meets the needs of it's target market.

The new product judges were Andrew Wilkinson, chef and partner of Skipjack's Restaurants in Boston; John Pollock, director of seafoods merchandising at Sysco Corp in Houston; and James Wallace, director of seafood at C&S Wholesale Grocers in Hatfield, Mass.

MacKnight Smoked Salmon was voted "#1 Smoked Salmon" by the Wine Spectator Magazine. Why don't you take a vote yourself. Call now to enquire about all our award winning products.

Sublime Smoked Salmon:

From the Smokehouse to Your House

I go back a while with this wonderful company. About twelve years ago, I conducted a massive smoked salmon tasting (like this one).....and MacKnight came out on top. This time around, they are right up there again. I love consistency! The light-orange Traditional Smoked Scottish Salmon I tasted this time was highly reminiscent of what I tasted a dozen years ago, though its silky texture was slightly less resilient. The salmon is farmed in Scotland, off the Orkney and Shetland Isles, dry cured with salt and sugar, and smoked over oak in Scotland. My sample was sliced, and they did a great job of it (though the fish might be a tad more resilient if you buy it unsliced.) What's so thrilling here is the integration of all taste elements--smoke (and there's quite a bit from double smoking), salt and sugar lock together perfectly, spinning off extra flavors of earth, spice and butter (it's a rather fatty salmon, though not greasy.) This is the precision, the balance, that Scottish smoked salmon offers at its best. And MacKnight has an offer for members of Rosengarten's Table: they will ship you 1 1/2 lbs of this marvelous stuff, pre-sliced, for only $49.95 including shipping. Call 1 800 5-SALMON, give your Rosengarten's Table serial # to whomever answers, and order away.

From Volume 1, Number 6 The Rosengarten Report

MacKnight Hot Smoked Trout won the American Taste Award of Excellence.